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Benefits of Accreditation

Get a Quote - It's a simple process that connects you with potential customers. People can request quotes and pricing directly from your BBB Business Profile, allowing you to respond immediately to earn a new customer.

Marketing Materials - Showcase your BBB Accreditation on promotional materials, in advertising, on business cards, emails, storefronts and more!

Dynamic Seal Program - Use the highly recognized BBB Accredited Business logo to enhance websites and social media platforms.

BBB Business Profiles - Your one stop shop for potential customers that provides information about your business including enhanced details, a visual display through photos and videos and your business logo.

Build Trust with BBB Accreditation

More than 90% of people recognize the BBB logo and what it stands for. When they see it attached to your brand, they know you are a business they can trust.

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See what others are saying about being a BBB Accredited Business!

“BBB throughout the years has a long history of taking care of people. It adds an entire layer of trust to our company and I think that’s important now more than ever.”

Michael Killen, President and Founder
of Amish Yard LLC

“What the BBB does is they really help out small businesses. It is very important to have that accreditation through BBB because it is a reliable source for all of our customers.”

“BBB gives us a third party objective statement that we’re an honest and trustworthy company. I really like that on our website and I value it for the people who are shopping on the internet. They know that they can trust we will deliver.”

Bactronix Corp.

Cathy Rogers, Owner of Aerotech Designs Cycle Wear

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